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Why Verify?

Validation is not Verification.

Normal email validators check to see if the email address submitted is syntactically correct, but don't actually check to see if the address is real.

Asking customers to confirm their email address is effective at weeding-out spam registrations, but has been proven to substantially reduce conversion rates.

Spam registrations and bot signups can pollute your user-acquisition metrics, and spam newsletter signups can pollute your mail server IP space, leading to low deliverability or even service suspensions by your mailing list provider.

Try it Yourself!

(Your email address will not be stored.)

Test Addresses


You can test your own email addresses or the test addresses to the left. "Plus addresses" like will also work.

More test addresses are available in the docs.

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Even if your forms have not (yet) been plagued by spammers, think of email verification like monetizing a typo. A user that mistypes their email address is one that may be lost to you forever, since you can't email them to ask for the correction. Our drop-in JavaScript Verification API makes sure that doesn't happen.

Whether you're a new startup, a Fortune 500 company, or a mom-and-pop shop just getting started on the web, a blogger, vlogger or email marketer, it's never been easier (or cheaper) to make sure every email address you collect is valid.

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Why Certify?

Certifying email addresses using our server-side REST API allows you to make absolutely certain the email address was verified by us.

Certifying email addresses is important if you have concerns that users may be disabling JavaScript or spoofing your forms, or if your forms are being abused by bots (which often ignore JavaScript). The server-side Certification process compares the submitted checksum to our recorded checksum to confirm that the address has actually been validated.

Best part is, your first 5,000 certifications per month are included in your $10/month unlimited verifications, and only $0.001 per address for every additional address. Plus, you only pay for "good" addresses.

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Protect your reputation.
Verify, then Certify.

Maintaining good email list hygiene is more important than ever. GoodForms allows you to verify email addresses submitted to your forms in an easy, frictionless way that will ensure every email address you get is a real one.

GoodForms provides two steps for absolute email verification: The JavaScript verification API and the server-side Certification API that confirms that an email address has been verified through us.

Learn How it Works
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Why GoodForms?


This isn't just a syntax check. The only way to verify an email address more accurately is by actually sending an email.

Blazing Fast

We know every second counts in user acquisition. Our verification process is the fastest out there.


We don't store your customer's emails on our servers. We couldn't sell them even if we wanted to. (We don't.)

Easy to Implement

Our drop-in snippet can be used out of the box in minutes, or you can customize it to do exactly what you need.


Our verification snippet is accessible to screen-readers and other accessibility tools.


At just $10/month for unlimited verifications & the first 5,000 certifications free, everyone can afford to secure their forms.

Unlimited Verifications

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  • Simple credit-card signup
  • Unlimited verifications for $10/month
  • First 5,000 certifications are free
  • Secure JavaScript verification
  • Easy server-side certification API
  • Drop-in or customize it

Get started with just ten bucks & five minutes

Verify. Certify. No lists. No BS.

To start, sign up, put in a credit card, drop in the domain names you’re going to use GoodForms on, then you’ll get your Form Key. Drop the javascript snippet into your Web application.

GoodForms works with all modern browsers, and can be made accessible to screen-readers and other alternative browsers. But it’s also extensible, so if you need something more specialized, you can write the Javascript to be able to handle that.

What makes us different?

Your data is secure. We do not and will not sell, rent, or send emails to your customers. In fact, their email addressed never get stored on our servers.

Don’t trust us? Good! You shouldn’t! Test it out - make a new email on your corporate domain - give it a real-looking name - and verify it with us. See how many emails you get sent.

  • Our javascript implementation is actually secure
  • Verify unlimited email addresses for just $10/mo
  • Built-in anti-abuse logic to prevent theft of services
  • You only pay for certifications - and you get the first 5,000 certifications for free every month
  • When you ‘certify’, you only pay for ‘good’ addresses
  • The Certification process ensures none of your partners are sneaking stale or oversold addresses into your form
  • We do not, and will not, verify ‘lists’ of emails