How It Works

Unlimited email verifications for just $10/month.

Verify really means ‘verify’ - we check, at the mailserver-level, whether or not an email would be delivered. The only way to be more sure is to actually send an email. If you don’t want to do that, we’re the next best thing. And that price is correct - you can verify unlimited email addresses for that $10/mo.

But being able to “Certify” those verifications at the server-level costs money. You only pay for “Good” certifications. If someone is throwing garbage at your form, why should you have to pay for it? It starts at $10/mo, for 5,000 certifications.

Flexible Javascript

Use it out of the box, or customize it for extra flexibility.

Developer Friendly

Chat with the developers on our forums.

Instant Solution

Sign up, drop it in and go!

Unlimited email form verifications for just $10/month.

Protect your email reputation today. It's as easy as dropping in a single line of JavaScript. Get started now!

Getting Started

To start, sign up with a credit card, drop in the domain names you’re going to use GoodForms on, then you’ll get a Form Key.

Drop the javascript snippet into your Web application (using your new Form Key). It works with all modern browsers, and can be made accessible to screen-readers and other alternative browsers, but it’s also extensible, so if you need something more specialized you can write the Javascript to be able to handle that.

When it's time to get more serious, you can add the 'certification' step at the server-side, ensuring that the emails being submitted from your form have been properly verified by us. Your $10/mo gives you up to 5,000 certifications per month (no, they don’t roll over to the next month).

The certification process is more rigorous than a simple email verification. It certainly does certify that your email is valid at the SMTP-server level, but it also certifies that it’s recently collected - within the last 14 days - and that it isn’t oversubmitted, having been sent to too many different endpoints in that 14 day window.